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The multiplicity of the world is what drives Zed to create. Born in 1976 in Mulhouse, this self-taught sculptor has been perfecting his practice since the age of twelve, working with various materials. As a child from the beach, he discovered the potential of sand; when he was more mature, living in the West Indies, he turned to the tradition of wood.

Since 2010, the full-time artist has been exploring his favourite material: acrylic glass.

Sometimes classically inspired, sometimes ethnically inspired, his works are adorned with the noble character of wood: smooth and polished, they stimulate both sight and touch. Zed, "guided by his sensations", tries through his art to capture the multiplicity of human behaviours: he tries to capture “Man, and more precisely his acts and attitudes (...) his interactions with life".

ZED is one of the artists that we have believed in since his beginnings and that we have encouraged and witness growth. His work is a real success with our clients. Everyone recognizes themselves in his characters!