Sylvain Binet

Graphic Designer

My alternative text

Twenty years... Sylvain Binet spent twenty years purposely devoting himself to his passion for drawing in all its forms before finally crossing his destiny.

His destiny was written in the (logi)sky!

Like an alchemist, he searched for a long time in his workshop-labo until the day when he was finally able to change the lead of his pencil into gold. And in originality. Thanks to a mouse! Because it is in the computer with its graphic palette with infinite resources that he found his pictorial identity.

Sylvain Binet is a frenetic creator, a compulsive stakhanovist, an absolute aesthete. One has the impression that he puts his life at stake in each painting he composes. Each of his productions is a declaration of humor corollated to a solicitation of love.

He creates a unique work, out of fashion, on the fringe; a subtle and flamboyant work that belongs only to him.

When one comes across one of his paintings, one does not hesitate for a second to identify it and exclaim: It's Binet!


Why did you choose to work with Design by Jaler?
"A friend of mine put me in touch with Design by Jaler. We started to exhibit one or two paintings and then we had a vernissage with a collective of 4 artists. Our relationship has always been excellent, it's a gallery close to the artists and the setting for exhibiting our creations is exceptional."