Sarah B

Graphic designer - Visual artist

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Pop culture as the main thread running through his work

Born in 1983 in Périgueux, in the heart of the Dordogne, Sarah B nurtured her passion for the art of drawing from an early age.

Art became her lifeblood, a certainty ingrained from the very beginning of her life. Strongly committed to her love of art, she embraced academic training at the BRASSART School of Graphic Arts in Tours, culminating in her graduation in 2005.

This milestone marked the beginning of her career as an artist.

This step marked the beginning of her professional career, during which Sarah B worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years and progressed to the demanding position of art director within a 360° communications agency.

However, a compelling desire for artistic freedom and expression guided her to a decisive turning point in 2018. At that point, she decided to leave the corporate world and devote her time and energy to creating her first digital works.

From then on, her artistic universe blossomed, revealing an enchanting fusion of fantasy and enchantment.

His creations, true emanations of his artistic soul, come to life through meticulous im- pression on dibon aluminum. To sublimate each piece, the artist applies an epoxy resin finish, giving each work a unique dimension, imbued with magic and wonder.