Remy Aillaud


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Unique contemporary works with an exceptional finish - His universe invokes strength, speed and high technology.

Born in 1987, sculptor and designer, Rémy Aillaud has made a place for himself in contemporary art with his Motorcycle Robots and Missiles.

In a society freshly dominated by new technologies, Rémy Aillaud devotes his art to the symbols of modernity and gives a primordial place to the theme of the robot. Thus, he recovers parts of motorcycle to create hybrid figures (crossing of a human and a mechanical machine) thanks to a work of torsion and ingenious assembly.

In his works, the artist highlights the signature of renowned manufacturers such as Ducati. This valorization of the brand is found in his "Missiles of luxury" Chanel, Louis Vuitton Supreme or Louboutin, which like the new technologies, are dictates of contemporary society.