Sculptor - Plastic artist

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Pop culture as the main thread of his works


Like many children, Naguy was passionate about drawing. It's when he joined the college that he discovered the plastic arts. A real revelation that allows him to use the graphic discipline as an outlet.

After discovering graffiti while regularly taking public transport as a teenager, Naguy naturally turned to canvas in order to get his message across to a wider audience. A pass of arms which opens the doors of the exchange with his audience, and which allows him to share his universe with the greatest number. With an undeniable precocious talent, it is at the age of only 16 that he participates in his first exhibition. For Naguy, it is obvious: he will become Nacks, artist-painter.

During 10 years, Nacks perfects his art and creates his own universe. In 2018, it is the consecration since he obtains the Price Revelations Fine Arts. A recognition that allows him to exhibit in several galleries in Paris, Los Angeles and Casablanca.