Monika Nowak

Digital Artist

My alternative text
Free, modern and provocative through her heroines inspired by girl power that makes women a sexy marketing object.

Monika Nowak was born in Clermont-Ferrand in a family of artists of Polish origin. She lives and works in Paris. Her mother, an actress in a theatre company in Krakow, is the first inspiration of her female pantheon, soon joined by heroines from Hitchcock's films, rock, fashion and fantasy literature.

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et des Industries Graphiques (Estienne) in Paris, she works as an Art Director for global communication agencies.

The need to create for herself is too strong, she frees herself from advertising to give substance to her first passions. Monika Nowak's creations are an exploration of her intuition: energetic, determined, independent. Through her sexy-pop heroines, she expresses a certain vision of today's woman that is both strong and fragile. Throughout her artistic career, she has developed a vision of epic universes where the marvellous is side by side with the barbaric and poetry provokes aestheticism with an alternation of melancholy and euphoria. Her "fragile" heroines are paradoxical, contradictory, excessive and dreamlike, gentle and wild, poetic and provocative.

The sexy-pop women who reveal themselves in Monika Nowak's works are the image of the Slavic soul described by the aesthete Dominique Fernandez: "A soul that lets the light pass through, without it necessarily being heaven or God, that is how one recognises that it is "Slavic".

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