Leo & Steph

Visual Artist

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The Franco-Brazilian duo, Léo & Steph, is the new pop art star everyone is talking about.

They imagined an iconic character reflecting the child in us: KID CUP.

This faceless character, who can be female or male, is having fun in a colorful and positive universe. He is resolutely optimistic and "drinks life" from his cup, which he hardly ever lets go. Welcome to the KID CUP FAMILY!

How were Léo & Steph born?

Léo, Brazilian, has been living in Paris since 2008. He is a designer (graphic and indoor). He has always painted, molded and drawn. And that's not all, but he is also one of the artistic directors of one of the biggest e-commerce companies e-commerce companies in France.

Stéphane, French, has worked in the media field for more than 20 years. He directed the programs of NRJ and ENDEMOL. Still a TV producer at JLA GROUP, this lover of decoration, wants to create playful and colorful pieces.

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