Street Artist

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In Genesis, in the Old Testament of the Bible, Gomorrah is one of the two cities (the other being Sodom) destroyed by God, because of the bad morals of their inhabitants. It is therefore no coincidence that the enfant terrible of French street art, Gomor, chose this pseudonym to exercise his talent.

Born in Paris in 1992, the artist began tagging the facades of buildings in his neighbourhood with spray cans at a very young age. Very quickly, his technique was perfected and evolved towards new mediums offering new perspectives to his art in full development.

As the masters of pop art, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, did before him, the young graffiti artist immerses himself in the world of comic books that he loves so much. Since 2015, he uses in his paintings recurring characters of pop-culture: Wonder Woman, Superman or Uncle Scrooge a little too close to his money ...

He combines them with popular streetwear brands such as Supreme or Louis Vuitton to insert them into a more concrete and often ostentatious contemporary world. In his own way, and in a personal search for accuracy, Gomor seems to have found the magic recipe for a balance between the sleek drawings of 20th century pop art and the spontaneous contemporary codes of street art. The Frenchman thus emits clear messages, notably denouncing the excesses of our capitalist society, but all in light and falsely childish works.

Gomor's art is always expressed on many media. Although most of the works sold in galleries are acrylics on canvas, the painter sometimes returns to his first love and regales us with his characters on everyday objects: skateboards changed for the occasion into triptychs, mailboxes ...