Fred Meurice

Visual Artist - Sculptor

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Fred Meurice was born in Paris in 1968.

Trained in graphic arts, Fred Meurice began his career in the world of graphic design and advertising before extending his practice to plastic and pictorial creation.

Working with wood, aluminium, resin or plexiglass, the artist enhances each of his supports with numerous touches of acrylic paint.

Fred Meurice draws his inspiration from the wide range of visual codes and cultural references offered by our modern society to create clever, resolutely pop and colourful paintings.

Pop and colourful modern universe - A perfect mastery of plexiglass for unique, original and clever works. Very beautiful finishes of all these achievements. An artist in the era of time!


If you had to define yourself in 3 words:
"Innovative, creative, passionate."

Why did you choose to work with Design by Jaler?
"Why work with Design by Jaler? Because it’s a magnificent place and geographical location (Paris)."