Street Artist

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In the Paris metro, it is not uncommon to come across a Looney Tunes at the bend of a corridor. Dimitri Barilko, or FAT as he is known as a street-artist, turns this routine route into a treasure hunt where we follow the cartoon characters instead of the stations.

Born in 1990 in Paris, this young artist first graduated with a CAP in photography before continuing his studies at Lycée Brassai, a vocational high school for photography and image.

He has been actively painting since the year 2000, making his debut in the street alongside the artist Fast. At the beginning he mainly practiced lettering, but already mastered photography and painting.

In the works of FAT, the aerosol paint responds to posca and the acrylic.

Talented Street-Artist, FAT is one of our emerging, brilliant, creative and innovative artists.


Why did you choose to work with Design By Jaler?
"I work with Design By Jaler because I really fell in love with the gallery and the feeling with Julie".