Painter - Graphic Designer

My alternative text

Born in 1963, Dexto has had several lives... He has never stayed in one place for very long, when the limits are reached, the mission completed, he leaves and starts something else, putting everything he can into it, then leaves again without regrets...

However, Art has always been part of his inner life.... Scenes, faces stored up over time suddenly impose themselves on him, but it is his brushes that lead him. The term "style" seems to him a straitjacket, quite the opposite of freedom of movement, freedom of spirit, freedom of colours.

According to him, "faced with a blank canvas, a brush must never consider what it is going to encounter.


If you had to define yourself in 3 words:
"Standing in front of a blank canvas and giving life to my character...first the eyes so that he looks at me and then his character and all his imaginary life come out of my brushes. This is the painter that I am."

Why did you choose to work with Design By Jaler?
"Why did I choose to work with Design By Jaler? The professionalism, the modernity of the proposals, a strong visibility, a top-of-the-range catalogue, a total freedom and finally an unfailing confidence."