Christine Bazantay


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Christine Bazantay is a sculptor based in France whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in Spain and Belgium. She identifies herself as a sculptor of torsional movement and her pieces are oriented towards the expression of the aesthetics of the female body through dance.

A lot of energy emanates from her sculptures; very beautiful harmony in the marriage of her colours, work of great quality - Much success with our customers for more classical universes. A work of curves and twists. Art is an integral part of her universe and personality.


If you had to define yourself in 3 words:
"3 words to define me as an artist, I would say creativity, sensitivity and spontaneity."

Why did you choose to work with the Design By Jaler?
"As the first artist to have integrated in Design by Jaler’s catalog, Julie is constantly developing her business. It's a beautiful ascension, Julie thinks big for the greatest pleasure of the artists. Her gallery is a beautiful setting for our work!"