Caroline Faindt


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Caroline Faindt is a Parisian painter who grew up in the East of France.

Caroline regularly explores new themes, new techniques, she has been striving for a long time to paint the soul of things with the desire that they last forever. She captures a moment on the canvas, a city, a crowd that unites to better celebrate life, and tries to bring out the best and most beautiful of this moment, to paint the essential, to bring out its invisible nature.

She searches deeply, touches the intimate and wishes to leave a living, moving imprint, vibrant and essential lines. In her paintings, we feel the hearts beating, the shapes and colour living. Her mastery of colour gives us a glimpse of unexpected and unexplored horizons.

Each of her paintings holds a secret, a real metal key is hidden in each of the artist's paintings. Can you find it?

She will also work in turn in the media, events, audio visual and for the French cosmetics company L'Oréal. An artist with a communicative good mood who sees life in colour - a true lover of love who draws much inspiration from it in her work. An optimistic woman who loves people - always looking to bring art to places where it is not expected. Always living in the moment - Always in search for renewal - Very active.