Brijite Bey


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For Brijite, beauty is synonymous with truth. And it is in this truth that her art was born. This French sculptor is passionate about her work. Photography, haute couture and design influence and nourish her creations. Brijite loves beautiful things, but also beautiful people. She has been involved for many years with underprivileged children around the world. Her life experience and her irrepressible need to express herself have guided her towards sculpture. Materials, textures and contrasts allow her to give life to her words, with her hands. Her art is imbued with the history of African faces: the strength of the gaze, the depth of the features and the beauty of the ornaments make the strength of her works.

Discover in our gallery, a contemporary parenthesis where sweetness is mixed with ardour. Discover art in the authenticity of Brijite BEY's gaze.