Brigitte Nataf


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Brigitte Nataf is a real free spirit. Self-taught artist, she built her universe alone. Formerly a dentist, she is now a painter in Paris. Her creations, influenced by aboriginal art, travel all over the world. Brigitte does not only paint faces. It is through almost 30,000 points, made with acrylic and brush, that she manages to transcribe the emotion, so particular, of her models.
Find Brigitte's works, and their vibrant colours, in the heart of our showroom, and discover an artist in her own right.


If you had to define yourself in 3 words:
"Original, self-taught perfect mastery of her technique and colours."

Why did you choose to work with Design By Jaler?
"I am at Design By Jaler because I love Julie, who is herself an accomplished artist and understands artists! I love this gallery because it is eclectic affordable for many. Also it is a very nice gallery that showcases its artists well."