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Born in the Alps in 1993, Thomas started skiing for the first time at the age of 3. At the age of 6 his career in freestyle skiing was launched and he took part in his first competitions. Quickly spotted by his first sponsors, he becomes the young prodigy of French freestyle skiing. This is the beginning of an international career that will last 20 years. Competitions, videos, photos, advertisements, etc… Thomas was one of the best skiers in his discipline with notably podiums at World Championships, X-Games, World Cups… He also participated twice in the Olympic Games. Creative since his beginnings, his innovative ideas have allowed him to enhance the visual aspect of his sport.

Freshly retired, he opens a new chapter in his life and devotes himself to his second passion, art. Inspired by pop culture and street art, he stands out thanks to a style all his own and a strong identity. His creations, composed of several thousand screws, attract and arouse the curiosity of the people who admire them. He does not hesitate to mix techniques to give a unique character to his works and plays with depth and relief to create light effects that animate them.


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