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New artist Manat, sinuous works that play with light!

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New artist Manat, sinuous works that play with light!

Design by Jaler, our Parisian art gallery whose first passion is to bring art to life, could not miss this atypical and talented artist: Manat’s artistic passion deserves to be known! Discover it quickly!

Manat, an artistic revelation

Already and since 2016, at just 27 years old, he exhibits at the gallery l’Arbre de Jade in Mèze where he is a permanent artist with canvases that seem to fly from branch to branch. He’s the first to be surprised at the success of his menagerie.

( it is the case of many artists who are passionate about their art!)

The question arises: why did you choose to portray chimpanzees, bonobos and other monkeys? “He tries to simply answer the question:

I’m still trying to answer that question,” says the artist. From the beginning, I was interested in chiaroscuro from the very beginning. First of all, I made faces of elderly people. Then I tried monkeys. This gives very expressive portraits, full of life and relief. The work on the play of light then becomes exciting. However, I am not trying to send any message. It’s still really punk. I just enjoy doing that.

Whether he is a cook, butler, biker, biker, king’s fool or Hamlet, the characters thus singled out by the artist question. But for Manat: “The monkey is above all a pretext, it makes it possible to highlight everything around it. ”

Self-taught at heart, the painter also ventured to portraits on a more unusual medium: the palette. Gainsbourg thus sits alongside a Sioux chef, always with the renewed expression that the play of light allows.

Manat painter artist creditsphoto : Midilibre

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