I first met Manat in 2009 in El Mezquital on the east coast of Mexico, as part of a professional project dealing with animal behaviouralism. He had boarded a Guatemalan freighter, the Daisy Tits, a year earlier. Its objective was simple: to study an ancient occult belief in extreme asceticism. Far from his native France, all he had was a toothbrush handle and a sketchbook.

Looking back, I think our meeting was inevitable, yet his physical appearance was most disgusting, a long, rough beard overhung a purplish mouth by absorbing too much Mexican leeches and mosquitoes. Her eyes were bulging, swollen by lack of sleep and long nights of reflection. His gait evoked the wounded zebra, the fruit of his non-existent musculature.

No, this man no longer had a place in a civilized society.

His faith was based on a 7th century writing, relating the existence of a primate apostle: Babouinism. It was pure madness to believe such nonsense. After a quick check of authenticity, I noticed that the document in question was written on Canson sheets. But the mad monk was convinced that he was holding a disturbing truth that could shake the religious thoughts of a large part of humanity. We decided to return to France as soon as possible to spread our still marginal devotion.

The means of propagation of this concept was obvious: Traditional Art. His obvious illiteracy would not have been able to launch a literary career anyway. All that was missing was diplomas, since an old belief associates them with talent. My relations in the National Education and INMAP (Institute of Art and Precariousness Professions) were going to open the right doors. Manat therefore holds a falsified diploma from the Beaux Arts de Montpellier, a counterfeit PhD from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as a successful fake DNAP thanks to a thesis: L’Art de la perruque durant le régime mussolinien.

This is only a brief, very brief reconstruction of our relationship over the past seven years, for more information please contact us by any means at your disposal.

Franckie Starr


2019 – Exhibition in Paris

URBAN CITY By Jaler Fine Art

2019 – Integration of the Design By Jaler catalogue

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