PHOTO 100%


Photographer – graphic designer


Born in Provence in the year the first man set foot on the Moon, K-Arty has an atypical photographic career.

At the age of 20, he discovered his first images taken with a disposable camera, and the frustration of not obtaining the results he would have liked, naturally pushed him to acquire more substantial equipment.

It is in complete self-taught form that he learns how to take pictures and develop black and white. Since the Internet does not yet exist, he eats books and grills film until he leaves his income there.

His tenacity and thirst for learning lead him to a professional approach that will be carried out in several stages. Passing by the shooting for a photo studio then to the reports during about twenty years, and finally leading to a more personal work.

Today, his creations are inspired by a permanent quest for renewal. He likes to surprise himself, he likes to surprise himself!

His gaze can be funny or critical, but always with a particular sensitivity for aesthetics.

If you like his world, then welcome to his “crazy world”


2019 – Exhibition in Paris – France

Exhibition URBAN CITY by Jaler Fine Art

2019 – Integration of the Design By Jaler catalogue

Permanent artist