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Plastic artist – Sculptor


Carole Benichou is a designer by training. Painting has always been his passion.

Carole is a French artist who lives in Paris.

Self-taught, she painted her first paintings in the studio of the painter Pierre Choutet, a teacher at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, who taught her to work with colours and materials and to develop her sense of observation!

From pop Art to Street Art with its touch of cubism, Carole expresses herself through a palette of bright and shimmering colours that bring this ultra luminous touch.

She likes to revisit and divert the popular object using parody.

Carole plays a lot with contrasts in both materials and colours, which adds a sense of cheerfulness and positivity to her works.

It is always innovating new techniques with a very fine selection of materials that bring a lot of relief.

Acrylic, resin, cement, wood, quartz are some of the materials the artist likes to work with.

Painting and sculpture represent his artistic universe.

Her creations are inspired by pop culture and she takes us into her offbeat and surprising pictorial world with always full of joy and positive energy!

Carole Benichou has been able to impose her style in all her works.

She exhibits in many galleries.

An artist to discover or rediscover.


2019 – Catalogue integration Design By Jaler

Permanent artist