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Mixed media on acrylic glass

WORK IN PERFECT CONDITION but the top of the frame is damaged!

Monika Nowak’s creations are an exploration of her intuition: energetic, voluntary, independent. She expresses through her sexy-pop heroines a certain vision, both strong and fragile, of today’s woman.

Throughout her artistic career, she develops a vision of epic universes where the marvellous mixes the barbaric and poetry provokes aestheticism with an alternation of melancholy and euphoria.

His “fragile” heroines are paradoxical, contradictory, excessive and dreamlike, gentle and wild, poetic and provocative? The sexy-pop women that reveal themselves in Monika Nowak’s works are inspired by the girl culture that makes women a sexy marketing object.

Provocative and rebellious chimeras dressed in onomatopoeia and colors offering a fantasized narrative terrain. These girls who overplay what they are accused of being, offer their exacerbated femininity to our eyes and make us realize that freedom is not an image but a will.

Monika Nowak’s chimeras are both a criticism of society and an affirmation of the artist’s fierce will to imprint her personality in a chaotic, saturated and obsessive world.

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