Francois Farouk


My alternative text

Like many others, the painter François Farouk first made professional choices motivated by reason. Choices that often divert us from our deepest aspirations, and that later appear meaningless.

Thus, it is at the end of his university studies in economic sciences that a gift will change the deal: he discovers painting, which he will practice for a long time in a sporadic way, by trying some surrealist fantasies. The world of art remained an impenetrable universe to him.

Then he approached it step by step, exploring the field of photography as an amateur, then discovering the world of color after a first professional reconversion to interior design. A temporary adjustment in a sometimes chaotic career path, which then led him to the 'profession' of painter, according to personal events.

Initially influenced by Salvador Dali and his phantasmagorical universes, it is after having discovered the power released by the portraits of Yan Pei-Ming that he will be directed towards the inexhaustible resources of the human figure.

The latter constitutes in his eyes a gold mine, as much to explore a universe made of optical delirium, as to probe in his portraits a theme that is dear to him: the unconscious.

To 'seize' this unconscious, to make emerge what one does not see, to show what one cannot show, such is the track that he explores today.

To this end, he uses all the means at his disposal: colour, framing, varnishes, graphic processes... They are there to serve the image and are then an integral part of his work, both upstream and downstream.

The first idea is to surprise the viewer, to appeal to his imagination by creating a real interaction between him and the work.