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In the Parisian metro, it is not uncommon to meet a Looney Tunes at the bend of a corridor. Dimitri Barilko, or FAT as he is known as a street-artist painter, makes this routine a treasure hunt where you follow the cartoon characters and no longer the stations.

Born in 1990 in Paris, this young artist first graduated with a CAP in photography before continuing his studies at the Lycée Brassai, a professional high school for photography and image. He quickly followed up on workshop and exhibition projects and gained experience in this way.

He has been actively painting since the 2000s, making his mark in the street alongside the artist Fast. At the beginning he mainly practiced lettering, but already mastered photography and painting. In FAT’s works, aerosol paint responds to posca and acrylic.

The characters of his childhood accompany him in the underground of the railway network. Tom & Jerry get off at Villiers station, it will be Vincennes for Porky Pig. Cartoons that belong to the imagination of the artist’s generation, born in the 90s.


2019 - Integration of the Design By Jaler Catalog
Permanent Artist
2018 - November
Senior Software Development, Project Manager, Cisco Network
2018 - September
Graffiti 2018 Award

Mickey & Minnie Mailbox

5 100 4 900

Tom & Jerry

1 800

Contact Info

Phone :  + 33(0)9 63 68 48 57‬
Email : contact@design-by-jaler.com
Adresse : 51, Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

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