Art leasing

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Art leasing is the ideal financing method for professionals, both to take advantage of very advantageous tax benefits and to modernize and perpetuate the company's brand image with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Businesses and professionals :buy art on lease

Art leasing allows you to rent a work of art for a fixed period of time and to acquire it at the end of the contract by paying a residual share. This type of financing allows companies and professionals to acquire works of art for their work spaces in a simple and progressive way while reducing their taxes. CONTACT US

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The advantages of art leasing for your company

Strengthen your image

Develop a high-end image with your customers, suppliers, partners...

Reduce your taxes

The monthly rents are deductible from the IS (Companies) or the IRPP (Liberal professions) (Article 238bis AB of the CGI).

Spread your loads

Leasing allows you to spread the cost of purchasing the work over several years (13 to 48 months).

Maintain your borrowing capacity

Leasing is by nature a rental expense. Therefore, it does not alter your company's bank borrowing capacity and considerably reduces the burden on your balance sheet.

Retention of your off-balance sheet property

Leasing, unlike the immediate or staggered purchase, allows the financed work of art to be dissociated from the asset. Thus, in case of resale of your company, the works of art financed by this way will not be transferred.

Building your wealth

Leasing on works of art allows for real capital gains over time, insofar as art has become a safe haven still enjoying a privileged tax regime.


Leasing participates in the theme of "well-being at work", a real vector of productivity while allowing your employees but also your customers to enjoy a work of art on a daily basis. LEARN MORE

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Very simple procedures

1. The selection of works

Choose one or more works on Contact our Art Advisor if you need help in your search! He will be able to guide you to find the piece you need.

2. Setting up the contract

We finalize the leasing contract together, you define the monthly payments that suit you and sign the contract electronically. Our simulator allows you to measure the tax savings generated by the acquisition.

3. Delivery of the works

Once the contract is signed, the works are delivered to you within an average of 7 days. The transport is insured, and organized by our specialized partners.

4. End of contract

At the end of the contract, you have the option of paying the residual share to become the owner.

Who insures and protects the works?

Works of art are part of a company's economic and cultural heritage and as such must be insured. Through our specialized partners, we are able to offer you the optimal coverage to protect your artistic assets from potential risks.