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CSR is not just about sustainable development!

“For many, CSR is about environmental issues. This is obviously very important, but that is not all. It is part of a more general vision.

CSR is structured around three main pillars

  • involvement in environmental issues: implementing recycling, reducing energy consumption
  • investing in social issues: developing workplace wellness programs, taking care of employee ergonomics at work
  • societal commitment to culture: contributing to economic and cultural development, supporting artists

Art makes people more creative and encourages new ideas

Proudly displaying that we are committed to promoting local artists, that we bring culture into the company becomes a positive showcase for the employer brand.

Art as a vector of change

More than just a setting, art permeates the workplace with history and energy. By entering a well-decorated office, we condition ourselves to think creatively, and our concentration is more easily dedicated to what we do.

Well-being in the company

Bringing art into the workplace is about quality of life at work, but not only that. This approach gives the opportunity to show who we really are, to encourage social interactions and the sharing of information between collaborators, while contributing to the influence of artists.


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