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Art & Enterprise

Art & Enterprise


Art Collection
Artistic Events

Fiscal advice
Expert advice to choose your art pieces
Financial solutions adapted to your needs
Organization and installation of the collection

Expert advice for the acquisition of Art pieces
Purchase option
Leasing option

Privatization of exhibitions
Themed gatherings with VIPs
Breakfasts or gatherings dedicated to your clients / employees
Life painting

Creativity & innovation
Valving and motivating your employees
Communicating the originality of the compony
Quality professional climate
Client’s loyalty



The field of art is vast and unlimited for connoisseurs. Design By Jaler advises you on the acquisition of a work whether it is financially or authentically involving an art expert.

If your company, or organization, wishes to order unique works of art, you can browse our online catalog or request custom-made works.
Our experts in the field will guide you and advise you on the tax benefits that you can benefit from your acquisitions (deductible acquisitions of the SI) but also on the different financing possibilities of your work, whether it is a purchase of a rental or leasing, you can enjoy full support during your process.

We will be able to guide you and help you make the best choices to form or complement your art collection with our market experience and our catalog of talented artists.



Leasing, Sponsorship, The Foundation

The purchase of works of art by the company offers really advantageous tax cuts.

Example, if you make 300 000 € of turnover you can therefore deduct 1500 € / year.

So over 5 years, this represents a work of art of € 7,500.

Patronage: Article 238 bis AB of the CGI. Foundation: Article 20 of the law of 4 July 1990


Company or liberal profession SEL, EI, etc ...

Give yourself the luxury of reinforcing the image of your company through a tailor-made artistic layout.

Optimize your business model Choose the works you like

Benefit from many financial and tax benefits

We study all types of projects and we will adapt to your budget


Collector - Art Amateur

Do you want to build a collection of private art or make it evolve?

The advantages of Design By Jaler are:

To acquire a work accompanied by an expert who will respect your requirements and your budget

To personalize your living spaces with unique works

To benefit from financial flexibility

Tax benefit

Leasing or LLD of works of art

– VAT recovery on each rent

– Decoration of your professional spaces

– Rental of works by living and non-living artists

– Deduction of rents from your taxable income

– Secure placement for business leaders, without commitment of equity of your company

User guide
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Terms of subscription

The financing company partner of Design By Jaler realizes the financing file.

Your company signs the lease agreement for 12 to 60 months.

The financing company transfers the work to a third party.

The third party acquirer becomes the owner of the work.

The annual rental cost of the work must not exceed 5% of the annual turnover.
The rental period must be 13 months minimum with possibility of a first rent plus (maximum 30%).
The rented artwork must be displayed in places accessible to the public and employees, with the exception of their offices.
The amount of royalties must not be excessive in relation to the counterparties expected by the lessee.


Give yourself the luxury of reinforcing the image of your company through a tailor-made artistic arrangement


Art at the service of the company
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